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2009 was a good year for fandoms

So 2009 is almost over and instead of making silly resolutions that i certainly won't keep, i decided it would be a better idea to sum up all the awesome things that happened in the fandom world.We laughed, we cried and connected with our favorite movies, shows and books and there are some that will forever be special for me.So, this is my Best of 2009 picspam, i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed doing it!



So many things to love about this movie!Starting with the amazing director, whose movies never fail to make us think and crack us up at the same time.The cast was so wonderful and the movie intruduced me to new love - Mélanie Laurent.The whole plot was fantastic and i enjoyed every minute.


Watched it last week in IMAX 3D and still can't forget how amazing it was.It's clear to everyone that the visuals were absolutely STUNNING.This movie took me to a whole new world and oh boy, did i love it. That's not just a film, it's an experience.The effects, the characters, the plot - everything was perfect imo, James Cameron proved that he truly knows what he's doing.


I was anticipating for this from the moment i saw the trailer and it got me all ~shaking and crying~. Words fail me when it's about Michael Jackson and This is It once again showed the world what an incredible human being he was.


The cuteness in unbareable!I've alwats loved Pixar and Finding Nemo will always be my favorite animation of all time(OF ALL TIME!Kanye ruined that for me).The colors were so impressive and the story just made me all warm and fuzzy.Russel is the cutest character ever, my heart broke at the very beginning with the death of Ellie and was healed again by the end with the kindness and beauty that this movie showed us.


MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE THIS YEAR.I can't express my love for Harry Potter, my very favorite fandom, always have been and always will be.I have no idea how devastated i will be after the last movie.Anyway, best Harry Potter movie by far and i loved pretty much everything about it. The story itself is SO amazing and managing to capture that amazing Harry Potter thingie is certainly not easy.But it was truly amazing!


This has got to be the movie i've seen most times this year and i can see it a million more without betting sick of it!The typical british humor was so so amusing and i was laughing through the whole film!Every character was unique and don't even get me started on the eye candy that TomStu is.

Ok, i can't choose between the two!Sandra Bullock's romcoms are a guilty pleasure for me and both these movies were fantastic! The Blind side was so touching and it made me believe in human kind once again lol.And who doesn't love The proposal!?Sandra and Ryan were so much fun to watch, this is the best movie to watch in a slow friday afternoon with some chocolate cookies and a cup of tea ♥.


Since i read the book, i was dying to see a movie capturing the beauty of this story.And it makes me really happy that it was that good, especially since Rachel McAdams played Clare. It was simply beautiful to watch, the acting was amazing and at the end i bawled almost as much as i did with the book :D


I'm not sure if this was as hilarious as i thought it was ot the company i saw it with put me in that mood but i don't remember feeling better after seeing something, than i felt after seeing this movie.It was genuinly funny in the perfect not-so-cynical way and i had SO SO mcuh fun watching it!!


Ok, cheating here because it's not a 2009 movie, but i saw it this summer and it left me amazed. It was beautiful in every sense of the way, the story, the pictures, everything was amazing.Seems like Tim Burton can be a genious, even without Johnny Depp :D Ewan McGregor is so fantastic and my love for him grew even more after seeing him in this.

People of 2009

Michael Jackson

Needless to say, 2009 went under his sign.He has always been my hero and June 25th, my heart broke to pieces.I at least hope that people will finally see the truth and continue his deed so that one day the world indeed becomes a better place.

Rachel McAdams

I would include her in my favorite people list every year!Her bright personality and talent make it impossible not to love her and she grew so much until Regina George rocked our worlds.I can't wait to see her in her future projects and i'm sure she will be as amazing as ever!

Kristen Stewart

This girl has so many flaws and that's exaclt what makes her so unique and wonderful.Even i feel awkward while listening to some of her interviews lol but damn i can't help but love her.She's so different that your usual Hollywood young star. She's real and always stays true to herself.Can't wait to see the runaways and welcome to the rileys!
Robert Pattinson

 It's kinda weird that i even thought he was ugly when he played Cedric in GoF lol.But ever since Twilight, i love him. He seems like so much fun to be around with, i want to be hif bff :/ It's silly how excited i am for Remember me, but i really am!!Oh yeah, and it helpts that he's pretty.


Um hello, it's CHUCK BASS!I adore him and the character he plays.His original british accent melts me and i wish he actually spoke with it in Gossip girl, but oh well. Ed is another example of a guy that would be awesome to party with and he simply seems so fun and nice <3


When i think of Veronica Mars i get so many mixed feelings, it's crazy!It is one of the best shows that has ever been on tv and i doubt someone else would make veronica as fierce as she is better than Kristen.She's like a ray of light and her smile is brighter than the sun.Looking forward to When in rome because i feel like i haven't seen her in anything forever!


Lol, okay, tbh i haven't seen him in anything except for Avatar but he rocked my world there!Other than the fact that he's obviously gorgeous, his acting was impressive, i mean how often you feel attracted to a huge blue person?!Yes, that's enough :D

Alexander Skarsgård

Tall, blond, goofy and GORGEOUS.'nuff said.


She's such a beautiful human being, both outside and inside.Manages to keep her true self and to help people who need it.Not to mention her amazing talent and incredible movies.


I first saw her in that goofy movie with Ashton Kutcher and thought she was adorable.Andd how huge was this year for her, with movies like Star Trek and Avatar! She's so talented and gorgeous and i can't wait to see where her career goes.



This show is so special to me in so many ways and would never disappoint me.This season has been amazing so far, i hope it continues like that. This is one of the few shows that in one episode can make you bawl like a baby and laugh like a crazy person!That's just what it does to you.


 My love for this show is so out of control lol, i watched both seasons this summer and they were AMAZING.It's brutal, twisted and even kinda ridiculous at times but that's it's charm.It's incredibly addictive and i can't believe we need to wait until June for new season, i am so looking forward to it!!Pretty much all the characters *cough* Eric *cough* are amazing and so entertaining to watch.

At the beginning of the new season, it kinda went downfalls but i'm so glad it's awesome again.It's all about Chuck and Chuck/Blair for me so as long as they have good storylines, it's fine by me.


Without any doubt, the best new show this year!!I've been excited for it since the first episode and it just kept getting better and better.I always feel so good after seeing an episode, it's like rainbows and butterflies :D

I don't even know what to say here!Anyone who doesn't watch How i met your mother MUST do it asap, because it makes your world a better place. Yes, it does.


I enjoyed the first generation and characters like Chris, Cassie and Maxxie will always be special to me but i LOVED this season!!All the characters are fascinating in their own way, it's much, much brighter than the first two seasons are and therefore, more enjoyable for me.It's probably the most realisitc teenage drama out there and that's what makes it so unique.


RIP cutest show ever :( I am surely not the only person who still can't get over it being cancelled and never will.And still, when i want to escape from my grey and boring life, i watch an  episode of this wonderful and filled with colors show <3


The boys keep getting more and more awesome every season and this season is amazing!Currently my favorite thing about the show is certainly Castiel <33333333

How much fun is this show really!?And it introduced me to one of the best characters in TV history - Sheldon Cooper. He cracks me up every week and even though it's kinda hopeless, i will always ship Penny/Sheldon :D

Ugh, this makes me SO nostalgic and i can't believe it's over.The season finale made me cry like almost nothing else and Prison break will have a special place in my heart forever.No show will ever be like it, ever.


Alex Karev/Izzie Stevens

Oh wow, what a fantastic year for my very favorite ship!!!Their wedding made my shipper heart melt, it was so beautiful. They both finally grew together and can be there for each other no matter what. I don't like this current separation, so Shonda, please do something about it soon!
Chuck Bass/Blair Waldorf

The way they got together at the end of S2 was SO perfect and i love every scene with them.Both Chuck and Blair are such amazing characters, they belong together and are truly a unique couple.

Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse

How hot are these two together seriously?!Even though all we have are Sookie's dirty dreams, that's still enough for me.She might still not accept it, but she really cares for him and i bet it's just a matter of time until Beeell is out of the picture lol.

Barney Stinson/Robin Sherbatsky

I was SO mad when the writers broke them up :( But seeing Barney being single is always a treat lol.ANYWAY, they are so so so perfect for each other and poor Barney being in love with her for so long, it was glorious when we got that epic kiss at the end of last season.And no matter whether they are together or not, Barney and Robin are always amazing to watch.

Will Schuester/Emma Pillsburry

I still haven't made up my mind about who i ship with the kids, but about these two i'm sure ever since the very first episode!!They are so cute and their chemistry was undeniable.It made me so happy that they are finally together and can't wait to see what will happen in the future with them <3



I wish you all an amazing new year!


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